Flexible purchasing contracts for energy supply

Dear All, Does anyone have experience with these products? Were real savings against budget achieved. We are considering entering into such a contract for our half hourly metered supplies.Any helpful thougths and opinions on the issue would be very welcome. Su'

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I'm sorry but I have just seen your message. We have lots of experience in this area. Our no is 0141 226 8525 and my email is katie@businesscostconsultants.co.uk. I can ask one of our consultants to provide advice.





Following on from the initial discussion thought this blog might be of interest



Kate, Thanks for taking the time to reply. We have energy procurement consultants who work with us but I was keen to find out if anyone was actually buying their energy in this way and finding it practical and of course financially worthwhile. My main challenge at this point is getting my senior management to approve the approach. Others' experience would have potentially reassured them.

No problem at all. If need any advice I can ask our consultants.

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