Reciprocal status with other professional institutes?

Hello All,


I know the BIFM is exploring the possibility of Chartership and my own view is that this would be a good thing and I am in favor of such a move. However this is not the reason for my posting.


I was wondering if the Institute is or will be exploring the possibility of reciprocal membership status and arrangements with others like the RICS and the CIH? I am sure that the placement of reciprocal membership agreements with other professional bodies would be welcomed by many members.


Anyone have any thoughts on this issue?

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Hi Steven,


Thanks for the post. Just to let you know that BIFM does have agreements with other professional and industry bodies, including CIBSE. Although these are not reciprocal membership agreements, they usually provide for mutual access to protected content on websites. BIFM is in discussions with additional UK professional bodies and these may lead to further agreements. See the Partners page for details of BIFM’s affiliations and agreements

Thanks for the reply, would like to see the direction taken a step further with reciprocal membership agreements with other institutes being investigated further.

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