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Learn and make decisions - Draw it how you think!

Sitting in meetings with the counsel A4 soft back feint ruled book. Taking notes in straight lines working vertically down the page. Retaining how much of what you wrote down? 10% or is that stretching it. I'm not talking knowledge you already have, simply listing the munfdane processes you already know. I'm thinking of the new planning, the fire fighting of emergency situations. Including the ifs and buts of when presented with 3 business models for the future of an organisation or team.…


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End of financial year. Busy, busy, busy!

As we come up to the anniversary of our organisations start up. So our office suppliers have as requested, delivered on time cost analysis reports on what we have purchased over the full year, providing in addition a new price list for the coming year 2011/2012. Of course in these austere times I did give the provisio that value for money was a priority and that depending on my perception of those future costs assists me to make decisions on how frequently I'll look at preferred supplier…


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Who has inspired you?

International Women's Day took place this week - I asked my friends, clients and colleagues to tell us about the women, working in FM, who have inspired them.

Here are some of their comments:


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Managing Change! Is it painful? You bet it is!

Most of us who work in the field of change management have signed up to the Kotter model of leading change.  And Step One in the model is to create a sense of urgency.  But what exactly does that mean?

When I put the words…


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Development and Training

What does an FM not need to know? It seems that every month brings something knew let alone the year. But that is where I am at today. End of the 3 year cycle with IOSH, planning the next 3 years of CPD that is useful to FM and H&S. It's the NEBOSH diplomas I want to concentrate on this 3 years. I would like to get a level 4/5/6 in FM but it all takes money. Of which the public sector has little of and neither do I. As my boss and mentor (Kevin) used to tell me, ''It's not a race, it's a…


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Don’t tell me you love me if you are not prepared to look me in the eye – getting your message across!

In a recent post of mine on my blog, Wisewolf Talking, I wrote about wearing masks! I suppose in some ways this touches on the same subject – authenticity!  Are you authentic in your…


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